Trendsetter FAQ

Follow the link via our website to either the Playstore or iStore. Download the the Hashtag Viral application and launch it. Ensure that you either have a Facebook business page or Instagram business account allowing you to sign up with Facebook. If you have an active Instagram business account, select the Facebook business page that it is linked to. After confirming your Hashtag Viral password, select your genre and active social media accounts. Voila, you all done and on your way to earning with Hashtag Viral.

With a Facebook business page or Instagram business account you as a user have access to insights on your reach. Hashtag Viral requires these insights to link you to campaigns that you are suited to as well as to determine your post price per campaign.

Launch the Instagram application from your mobile phone or web browser. Login to your personal account. Open the menu bar and select settings. Scroll down to the Business settings section and select “Switch to a business account”. Follow the setup wizard. You will need to link your Instagram business account to a Facebook business page. If you already have a Facebook business page, then select it as the linked page. If you don’t, Instagram will automatically generate a Facebook business page that you may claim at any time thereafter.

No worries! Sign up using your mobile number linked to your Facebook account. Unfortunately, you will need to determine your Facebook email address to login to Hashtag Viral after registration

As someone with influence, your content should be engaging. The individuals you reach tend to follow you for content that you post on certain topics such as lifestyle, fashion, etc. When registering on Hashtag Viral select those categories that you actively post content about.

You need to use the email address linked to your Facebook account.

These represent your social media accounts that you will be using to post content for Hashtag Viral linked campaigns.

In a nutshell, you have selected to post from both your Facebook and Instagram accounts per campaign. Thus, the price displayed per campaign accounts for both these posts. When you select to post, we require you to choose the image posted to Facebook as well as the image posted to Instagram.

For the time being. Hashtag Viral has launched with Facebook and Instagram being the social media platforms on which campaigns will be run. Future iterations will bring on platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, etc. Keep on following our rollouts to stay informed.

The numbers associated with these icons represent your live Facebook Followers and Instagram Fans.

The carousel signifies campaigns that you have joined while the star represents the number of posts that you have made on these campaigns. Remember that with Hashtag Viral, you are only allowed to post once per campaign. So, this serves as a reminder that you have posts outstanding when the numbers don’t match.

The calendar button is a quick redirect to the campaigns page, the flame takes you to Hashtag Viral challenges and the message button takes you to your campaign invitations. The numbers associated with these buttons communicates how many campaigns, challenges and invitations are available in the application

The number of times your content has been displayed on a Facebook and Instagram user’s screen.

The number of unique views of your content by users of Facebook and Instagram.

The number of times a Facebook or Instagram user has liked or commented on your content.

The engagement rate is measured over a period of 28 days, as per Facebook and Instagram practice. Hashtag Viral calculates your ER rate by taking an average of all your engagements across your social media accounts over the last 28 days and dividing it by your total organic reach.

Your user ID is your unique Hashtag Viral identifier. You may use it when prompted to do so in Hashtag Viral challenges.

This represents your wallet balance and is the total of all your verified campaign posts that is due to be paid to you on the 15th of each month.

Your wallet amount will increase when a campaign post has been verified. Verification occurs when either a brand signs off the post or automatically after 24 hours.

You will be taken to a summary page that shows all the current month’s posts as well as your previous month’s payments.

Brands allow you the creative freedom to post on their behalf based on a set of rules provided in the campaign brief.

Brands provide the media that you are meant to post to your social media accounts.

This represents the end date of the campaign.

The amount that you will be paid for a verified post on this campaign.

This represents the number of Trendsetters that have currently joined the campaign.

Campaigns are listed in order of relevance, from the highest post price to the lowest post price. Post price is calculated by Hashtag Viral’s pricing algorithm that considers the suitability of your reach as well as your engagement rate to provide you with premium rates.

The number of posts made by Trendsetter’s who have joined this campaign.

The campaign brief outlines the rules of the campaign that need to be followed when creating the post. Post’s that follow the brief will be verified.

These represent other campaigns that are active in the App.

Post price is calculated by Hashtag Viral’s pricing algorithm that considers your engagement rate and the suitability of your reach to the campaign, to provide you with premium earnings.

When tapping the 'I've Posted' button, you will be prompted to select your post from your active social media accounts. Hashtag Viral will provide your 10 most recent posts, from each of your accounts, to choose from.

We’ll contact you to find out what happened.

View insights allows you to see the breakdown of your organic reach for a campaign post.

This represents the amount of time that you have to post as well as link the post in-app after joining the campaign. When the timer has lapsed you will be automatically removed from the campaign.

My campaigns provide you with a scrollable list of all joined campaigns.

These represent campaigns that have reached their end date.

Hashtag Viral directly invites you to participate in campaigns where you will earn your premium rate as you meet 3/5, 4/5 or 5/5 of the campaign requirements.

These are campaigns run by Hashtag Viral to stimulate awareness and growth of the platform to the benefit of all users.

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