Hashtag Viral

Getting Started

About the service

  • What is influencer marketing?

    Influencer marketing refers to the use of social media influencers to propagate sponsored brand content to their unique reach and followership.

  • How much do I pay?

    With Hashtag Viral we ensure that you receive bang for your buck, literally. From R0.1 per person reached of your target audience and free subscription to the service, we are changing the market.

  • Why can’t I select campaign influencers?

    Hashtag Viral, through our intuitive algorithm selects influencers who best suit your campaign, so you don’t have to.

  • What are impressions?

    The number of times your content has been displayed on a Facebook and Instagram user’s screen.

  • What is reach?

    The number of unique views of your content by users of Facebook and Instagram.

  • What are engagements?

    The number of times a Facebook or Instagram user has liked or commented on your content.

  • How does Hashtag Viral link influencers to a campaign?

    Our algorithm measures the number of campaign requirements met per influencer and directs those best suited to the campaign by providing a premium post price.

  • What is meant by live campaign metrics?

    Hashtag Viral grants you access to live campaign results on your dashboard throughout the course of your campaign.

  • Is Hashtag Viral a free service?


  • How do I register?

    Follow the simple registration process via our website or this link to get onto your Dashboard. Three steps and you in.


Using the service

The Dashboard

  • What do the graphs on the dashboard show?

    These graphs represent the live results from all campaigns run through this account.

  • How do I verify campaign posts?

    The campaign description has links to verify posts from campaigns. Posts that are not verified within 7 days will be automatically verified. If any posts are flagged, a Hashtag Viral representative will contact you.



Creating a Campaign

  • What are campaign categories?

    These are the various fields or genres that your campaign can fall into.

  • How do the Campaign Reach parameters work?

    Hashtag Viral links influencers, whose reach matches the parameters selected, to the campaign.

  • How does the Campaign Brief assist me?

    It allows you to direct the influencer in producing the post. Hashtag Viral’s intuitive wizard will take you through the process asking the necessary questions.

  • Can Hashtag Viral assist in campaign creation?

    We have affiliated agencies, that will create catchy campaign content on your behalf.

  • What payment options are available?

    Campaigns can be paid for by card, eft or instant eft.


Live Campaigns

Live Campaigns

  • Can I update campaign details?

    Hashtag Viral gives you the control to change campaign details at any time prior to the end date.

  • Can I view all posts on all of my campaigns?

    Yes, we have provided you with a timeline under campaigns to view all your posts.

  • Can I increase my campaign budget?

    You may increase your campaign budget at any time prior to the end date.

  • What happens if my campaign budget is not expended?

    Upon completion of the campaign, Hashtag Viral will send you a statement that details any unallocated budget. This will be added to your next campaign budget.

  • Can I increase the length of a live campaign?

    We don’t want to confine you in any way and may increase the length of a campaign.


Campaign Metrics

What are Campaign Insights?

  • What are campaign insights?

    Insights represents the results of a particular campaign and are available live on your account.

  • How often do I receive reports?

    You will receive a comprehensive report at the end of each campaign.