Hashtag Viral
About Hashtag Viral

"Our intention is to create a buzzing digital marketplace where brands and influencers engage to develop successful social media marketing campaigns that promotes the growth of South African youth."

Hard Work
Clear vision
Determining the growth plan.
Who We Are

The first programmatic South African Influencer Marketing Hub

What We Do

Simplify influencer marketing through technology.

Why We Do It

We are passionate about technology, its development and the potential it has to empower youth.

The Hashtag Viral Vision

Social media has been one of the most powerful mediums of the past decade. From facilitating government overthrows to providing instant news and information, it consumes a significant share of our attention and time. The development of social media influencers has changed the contemporary nature of media. The general public have become more engaged by reality posts than by print media. Hashtag Viral is a medium that connects brands to social media influencers.
By developing their social media personas into engaging, trendy and trusted sources of information; young South Africans have the opportunity to grow into high earning social media influencers.


Our footprint will initially be established across South Africa after which our aim is to expand globally.


The longevity of our business is dependent on the establishment of structured systems and processes which will support all business activities.

Strong management

The management team is crucial to the expansion of the business.

Client relationship

We ensure that all clients are afforded the highest level of service so that the client’s business is reliant on their interaction with Hashtag Viral as a collective.

Developing the culture of brilliance

We either deliver a brilliant solution or not deliver at all. Mediocrity is not an option.

The Team

Our success is dependent on developing a great team.