Hashtag Viral

What is Hashtag Viral?

Hashtag Viral is the first South African developed influencer marketing hub. We allow brands to create, manage and track the performance of social media influencer campaigns from a central online dashboard. The campaigns that you create are accessed by our database of influencers, who transform your campaign brief into engaging social media content. The content is submitted to you for approval, after which it’s posted to the influencers’ social media accounts. Our social media listening tools present live campaign performance to you on your dashboard. Hashtag Viral simplifies the management of this entire process, from conception to execution, through our application.

What is influencer marketing?

Using the reach of social media accounts and personalities to promote brand content directly to a mutual target audience. It stimulates brand exposure through conversation, sentiment and authenticity.

What we do for brands

Hashtag Viral allows brands to engage their target audience in a preferred space being social media. Our registered influencers create bespoke content that is managed by the brand through an intuitive dashboard. Our reach extends over 20% of South Africa’s active social media users, enabling us to take any brand viral.


We match your target audience to an influencer’s reach.


We algorithmically align influencer expectations and earnings with your selected campaign budget

Campaign Creation

Create a campaign that will allow an influencer to understand your vision and requirements.

KPI Analytics

We record, analyse and visually present your campaign results on our dashboard

Empowering South Africans

Hashtag Viral was devised to alleviate the financial plight of South African youth through a medium that we are familiar with and proficient at, social media.
We empower young South Africans. You can too, by supporting those that promote your brand!


Join the movement

Do you have a voice on social media?
Hashtag Viral is an application that allows you to organically interact with a brand, post content to your social media account on their behalf and get paid. Brands provide briefs of the content required, which allows you to simply follow their lead. Your creative touch knits the campaign together setting it up to become viral. By linking you to campaigns that best suit your reach, Hashtag Viral ensures that you earn your worth. All you require is a Facebook business page or Instagram business account. We have created a free service that grants you unrestricted access to join any campaign posted on your application, it’s that simple. Come on, empower yourself by joining the movement!


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