What is Hashtag Viral

Hashtag Viral empowers young South African social media influencers, allowing them to earn income, by programmatically linking them to social media marketing campaigns. Brands create social media marketing campaigns with Hashtag Viral that are accessed by influencers through the mobile application available on the Play Store and App Store. Our computationally intelligent algorithm determines the suitability of an influencer to a campaign.

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Engage Your Audience. Simple.


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What we do for brands

Connecting with social media influencers is an important part of brand marketing. That's what we do best.

Connecting Brands to influencers

Hashtag Viral simply links your brand with suitable social media influencers.

Targeted Reach

Have your brand resonate with your target audience through the voices of trusted social media influencers

Engage Your Audience

Captivate your audience by stimulating brand conversation, awareness, penetration and sentiment.

Measurable Results

Track the value of your influencer campaign through accurate metrics.

Modern Culture

Reach your audience in their preferred space.

Join the Movement

Empower young South African influencers that promote your brand.


A quick registration to get you onto your dashboard.

02Create Campaigns

Select your target audience and create the campaign brief through an intuitive process.


Live campaign results showing your organic viral reach.










What we do for Influencers

Do you have a voice on social media?

Unrestricted Access

Hashtag Viral is a free service.

Take Control

Define what you earn based on your organic reach and engagements.

Your Reward

Get paid the value of your wallet balance on the 15th of every month.


Access a plethora of campaigns relating to various genres.

Be Distinguished

Link up with leading brands.

Empower Yourself

Hashtag Viral supports the growth of young South Africans.

About Hashtag Viral

Hashtag Viral is a South African start-up that is focussed on the empowerment of South African scholars and students. The platform was developed by university students, driven by the economic hardships that are faced by South African millennials. Our motivation had stemmed from the ‘Fees Must Fall’ movement that demonstrated our generation’s courage and solidarity as showcased by students at the various campuses. Hashtag Viral was devised as our attempt to alleviate the financial plight of South African youth through a medium that we are familiar with and proficient at, social media.

Hashtag Viral is the medium that gives brands access to suitable social media influencers to take their message viral. We empower those that promote your brand.